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    Default House Republicans Revive Anti-Union Bill

    A new administration in America’s White House has fomented a revival of old legislation in Congress.

    Some of the bills introduced to the House recently have been on the Republican wish list for years — like the Employee Rights Act, which was resurrected by lawmakers last week.

    Supporters of the sharply divisive piece of legislation say it will improve the rights of American workers by reducing the sway of unions at workplaces and altering many union voting procedures.

    Its main sponsor, Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) said the bill would counteract the many Obama administration polices that, in Roe’s opinion, tilted toward organized labor.
    What a joke...........

    Trump helps Republicans revive House bill that weakens unions - NY Daily News

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    Default Re: House Republicans Revive Anti-Union Bill

    For those that still think they have a friend in the White House, a friend of labor and the working man.
    I have seen many times the effort to squash unions from the right. A strong and supported union is best when the democratic principles are followed.
    Does this sound like that ?
    It would also require a union trying to organize a workplace to win a majority support of all eligible voters — not just the majority of those who actually vote.
    The ERA would also require unions to regularly hold re-certification votes to make sure its support among workers is still strong.
    The AFL-CIO was particularly outraged by the provision that said voters who stayed home for union elections would be counted as casting a “no” ballot.
    How would that work for all you union men on this board ?

    Quotes from link in post #1.




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