ALEC was first exposed six years ago by a mild mannered University of Wisconsin professor whose research curiosity was aroused by the similarities in bills across the states.

It is now one of the major tentacles of political strategy by the Koch Industries, the conservative Bradley Foundation and active players on the right such as Americans for Prosperity (AFP), another friendly sounding name that peppers the nation’s email boxes. Today it can even draw the new secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, as it keynote speaker for its July 19-21 convention in Colorado, where even more ideas for voucher school expansion are in the works.

Indeed, with Trump at the helm, ALEC has bigger plans than mere state bills. It is going national not just with DeVos but with an ALEC bill that has been around years at the state level – “right to work” legislation. Already approved in half the U.S. states, often encouraged by ALEC “associates,” it is more accurately known to statisticians and unions as “right to work for less.”
ALEC continues churning out blueprints for right wing experiments – People's World