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There is another avenue to citizenship. I ruffled quite a few feathers on that scab loving, management infested, site a few years ago by mentioning organizing every last one of them. Many already pay taxes and SSI. So why not capitalize on the situation?

I too get a bit miffed when English isn't spoken when able. I have seen a few instances where our receptionist at the doctors office has soundly spanked folks for assuming she speaks Spanish. Her family came to America a few generations ago and she doesn't speak a word of it. (She was in our youngest sons graduating class.)They start off in Spanish and she stops them abruptly. "If you know English, speak it, or get yourself an interpreter." Lo and behold, out comes the English.

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Believe it or not, I have had this happen on numerous occasions here in New Mexico and when I lived in CA, even before I had a Spanish last name! Can't figure it out. I will be in a restaurant and they will want to take my order in Spanish. Is it the brunette hair? There are a lot of people with brown hair that aren't Latino! I have no clue but it irritates the heck out of me. As far as the Catholic church needing illegals to fill their churches, I disagree. I have read many times where Latinos are leaving the church in large numbers to fill the seats of evangelical churches. You can drive all over ABQ and see these little storefront evangelical churches that are completely catering to the Spanish speaking population. Just another way to bash the church and bash the Pope. Amazing to me. We get this fantastic wonderful pope, finally, and it drives the right wingers crazy.