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    Default The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump

    Excellent article and not the only industry we have watched be demolished. I have often mentioned the Ford plants closed down in CA when my step dad worked there. Or the aerospace industry closures in CA. It has been one good paying, union industry after another that has been affected.

    CAMPBELL, OHIO — Forty years ago, on Sept. 19, thousands of men walked into the Campbell Works of Youngstown Sheet and Tube along the Mahoning River before the early shift.

    Like every fall morning, they were armed with lunch pails and hard hats; the only worry on their minds was the upcoming Pittsburgh Steelers game on “Monday Night Football.” The only arguing you heard was whether quarterback Terry Bradshaw had fully recovered from the dramatic hit he took from a Cleveland Browns player the season before.

    It was just before 7 a.m., and the fog that had settled over the river was beginning to lift. As the sun began to streak through mist, the men made their way into the labyrinth of buildings where they worked.

    In the next hour their lives would change forever.

    From then on, this date in 1977 would be known as Black Monday in the Steel Valley, which stretches from Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Ohio eastward toward Pittsburgh. It is the date when Youngstown Sheet and Tube abruptly furloughed 5,000 workers all in one day.
    The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump | New York Post

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    Default Re: The day that destroyed the working class and sowed the seeds of Trump

    This is a tough story to read for I come from the same kind of area.It's one that gets me deep in the soul.The stuff that drives me to fight. the stuff that makes me hate both parties. the stuff that makes me hate the things taught which go against what was good years ago.The stuff that drove me to vote trump....Tariffs, tariffas, tariffs....NOT LETTING the politicial elites and the corporations they serve have their way.....our area has not died due to it's location......but the wages have gone and the trades have changed to lesser paying trades....the only reason families have more money is because women and men work...they didn't have to do that back then and to me that was not just a good thing for families...but a GREAT thing. As relation to cost of living increases.....the man back then made far more than the families with both working today.
    Once again you see that the International didn't help the Local.....just as happened here with Mack Trucks and Bethlehem Steel and so many other places.

    because the International is seeming more and more to be just that...International......not Local...based in DC with the globablist agenda of politicians and economists and educators and corporate multinational lobbies.....more money there for them to line their pockets than from the Locals.

    Once again you see a guy who stood against the war on communism in Vietnam.......fighting for the side of communism, unbeknownst to himself....and many others.

    You see that those taking over favored communism in Vietnam.....and favored Chinese communists taking American work and taking America down...dividing our families, towns, states and nations....ruining it. taking it closer to communism.....taking it farther from Christianity.
    You see they favored free trade with Socialist Japan...and Communist China.....knowing full well that it would eventually take us there....and not bring them up to what we had.

    I read lots of stories........but this one hit me in the heart again today.......................Are they gonna change and let trump do what he said he was gonna do? Coming form this type of upbringing......it seems very doubtful.....not very probable at all.....did they just use our thoughts and feelings to continue business-as-usual...and Trump just a puppet? We've seen that a million times before...
    How long till the people rip it all apart brick by brick?
    It's probably these elite idiots goal...so they can come in and force it all on us instead of just pretending that they serve us and what they do is for our own good..
    They don't deserve money or power from us....They deserve exile or some other punishment from some more brutal era.
    They deserve Hellfire and Damnation.
    And the media who is just another of their propaganda agencies...and the colleges and schools and curriculum determiners....are all just another arm of government...government, not for, and by, the people....but for and by the very wealthy of the world.




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