Team work!! Solidarity!! That's the way to get things done!

WASHINGTON—U.S., Canadian, and independent Mexican union leaders said they and their members will jointly fight for a strong, pro-worker, not pro-corporate, new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But if they can’t achieve that, they’ll fight equally hard to beat it.

The leaders—including AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Steelworkers President Leo Gerard, Teamsters President Jim Hoffa, Canadian Teamsters President Francois LaPorte, and Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, president of the independent Mexican metal workers and miners union, Los Mineros—drew strong support for that stand from top congressional Democrats at a joint press conference on October 12.

“We actually have a chance to rewrite the rules to benefit working people,” not just in NAFTA but for trade pacts in general, Trumka said. “That’s why we stand together united.”
U.S., Canadian, Mexican unions to jointly fight for pro-worker NAFTA – People's World