Yes, like counties in New Mexico no wanting to pass RTW laws!
A recent study from the Economic Policy Institute finds that while municipal governments are increasingly trying to pass labor and employment improvements, more conservative state governments are pushing them back down. Since the beginning of 2016, fifteen states have passed 28 laws pre-empting local labor standards on everything from minimum wage to paid leave, fair scheduling, prevailing wages and project labor agreements. Marni von Wilpert is Associate Labor Counsel with EPI:

[Marni von Wilpert]: “We’ve seen conservative, corporate-backed lobbying groups, such as ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, really start pushing this again in 2013 with its Model Living Wage Pre-emption Act, to prevent any municipality from raising the minimum wage; we’re seeing it really skyrocket. So, it is a bit ironic that once local-control actually starts to take hold, conservative forces are now trying to crush it.”

In August, the state of Missouri dropped the minimum wage in St. Louis from 10$ an hour back down to 7.70.
State Governments Increasingly Pre-Empting Local Attempts To Improve Labor Conditions – Workers Independent News