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    Default Does Labor Have a Death Wish?

    Good read!

    One year after an election it would like to forget, organized labor is taking it on the chin from a president who won more union households than any other Republican during the previous three decades. Labor leaders overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton. But for the union rank and file, pulling the lever for Donald Trump turned out to be a stunning betrayal of their own movement and its interests.
    Labor groups have fought all these moves, but they’ve lost so much power over the last four decades that their feeble protests have had a hard time gaining any traction. Their ranks have dwindled since their peak in the 1950s. And as their remaining members have drifted away from the Democrats over cultural issues and the growing urban-rural divide, they’ve helped fuel the rise of politicians who oppose unions as a malignant force that deducts dues from too-small paychecks, jacks up prices for consumers and drives employers out of business.
    But Trump never supported pro-union policies during the campaign. In that South Carolina Radio Network interview, Trump also said, “I like right to work,” meaning he favored state laws that prevent private-sector unions from charging fees to union non-members in their bargaining units in order to cover their portion of collective bargaining costs. “My position on right to work is 100 percent,” Trump said. The recent spread of right-to-work laws into the industrial Midwest—six states have adopted it since 2012, most recently Missouri this past February—poses a deadly financial threat to labor unions, who have fought the measures tooth and nail.

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    Default Re: Does Labor Have a Death Wish?

    Unfortunately the left didn’t Love you either

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