I spent more than half my life in CA. I was there when Jerry Brown was our governor back in 1974. I remember him as a liberal. I would have to question that anymore. My son detests him because he was trying to mess with state and city employees pensions.
A group of Californians and other delegates to COP23 from the United States—many involved in climate justice organizations—stood up as Brown started speaking, giving short testimonies about Brown’s close relationship to the fossil fuel industry, a major force in California’s economy. After protesters chanted “Keep It In The Ground,” in opposition to fossil fuel extraction, Brown replied, “Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here.” Clumps of interrupters continued to pop up and be escorted out through the rest of the presentation, prompting responses from Brown. “Unfortunately, in politics,” he said, “we don’t have a magic wand. … I can’t say ‘Stop, there’s no more coal, no more oil.’ ”

It’s not the first time Brown has had tense interactions with climate organizers. While Brown has touted the success of California’s cap and trade program at COP23, the measure that passed this summer extending the program was opposed by a large portion of the state’s climate and environmental justice organizations. As In These Times reported this summer in the lead-up to the cap and trade program’s extension, the latest bill was drafted with heavy input from oil and gas interests and comparatively less from communities dealing first-hand with the impact of the state’s extractive industry. The final legislation included several provisions taken near verbatim from industry lobbying materials.
Jerry Brown Lashes Out at COP23 Climate Protesters: “Let’s Put You in the Ground” - In These Times