A few days old so we already know how the GOP tax plan vote went but the reason for posting this is to again demonstrate how much the republicans and Trump are trying to take away from workers.

The dead rules included: Raising the standard for which workers can get overtime pay, cutting worker exposure to beryllium and other workplace hazards, ordering “persuaders” – union-busters – to disclose more about whom they worked for and how much they got paid, and mandating financial advisors to workers and pension plans put their clients’ interests first.

The Democratic Obama administration promulgated all the rules. Led by the E&W Committee, the GOP-run Congress, Trump, or both, have rolled them all back. And quizzed about yet another rollback, Acosta ducked saying what he would do about an Obama rule – now tied up in court – to put teeth behind the federal law that says restaurants and similar employers must make sure their tipped workers are fairly paid.

All the other rules “place an undue burden on employers while producing a minimal impact on worker protections,” Acosta contended – again offering no proof for that statement.

The committee’s ruling Republicans lauded Acosta’s and Trump’s moves, with chair Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., declaring: “We know the department has its work cut out after eight years of an unprecedented regulatory rampage. But we look forward to building on the progress we’ve made together so we can get government out of the way and unleash prosperity and opportunity.”

Democrats had an entirely different take. “In its first 10 months” under Trump “there are troubling questions about whether the department reversed important progress made during the previous administration, and laid the groundwork to undermine workers’ wages, retirement security, workforce safety, affordable health care and skills development,” said Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., the panel’s top Democrat.
Trump Labor Secretary Acosta defends rules cuts, GOP tax plan – People's World