Democratic lawmakers are trying once again to repeal the state’s “Right to Work” law.

Five years ago, a Republican-led Legislature made Right to Work the law of the state. It prohibits contracts that make union membership a condition of employment.

Democrats say letting people opt out of unions gives them a free ride to the benefits of the union.

Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D-Taylor) is a bill sponsor. He said strong unions are important to Michigan, but Right to Work diminishes the power of unions and reduces the number of members.

“This is something that offends I think just the very nature of us as Michiganders,” he said.

Other bill sponsor, Senator Steve Bieda (D-Warren), said they want to repeal the law because, “It impacts working families, it impacts the ability to have a decent salary and wage for thousands of individuals – millions of individuals – across the state.”
Democrats try again to repeal Right to Work law | Interlochen