As the world began to ring in 2018, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for global unity to overcome growing challenges.
In his New Year message on Sunday, Guterres said the world appeared to have "gone in reverse" before adding, "On New Year's Day 2018 I am not issuing an appeal, I am issuing an alert -- a red alert for our world."
He continued: "As we begin 2018, I call for unity. ... We can settle conflicts, overcome hatred and defend shared values. But we can only do that together."

Reflecting on his January message when he assumed the secretary-general position -- in which he called for peace -- Guterres said that conflicts have deepened, global anxieties about nuclear weapons have increased, inequalities have grown and nationalism and xenophobia are on the rise.
He stressed cooperation and collaboration should be the way forward in 2018, saying: "Unity is the path. Our future depends on it."
He then urged leaders "everywhere to make this New Year's resolution: Narrow the gaps. Bridge the divides. Rebuild trust by bringing people together around common goals."
A long time ago I may have agreed but times are tough for too many Americans...and although the rest of the world may get work with all this trade stuff.......our people go backwards......nobody else wants to work harder for less...why should we want to continuously take pay cuts and benefit cuts...and have stagnant wages..our home prices and taxes dont come down...our utilities and car repairs or prices don; come down.....the companies leave and make these electronics and computers and pay pennies on the dollar for labor...yet when ya go buy the costs hundreds or thousnads of dollars......the whole globalist thing is for the rich to own the world and take slaves worldwide....the people don't benefit....and obviously this guy is paid off by the rich just the same as our politicians are.

I don't live in the world....I live here...I care about bettering our peoples wages and standards.....that's plenty for me to care about.
I don't want the wars...I don't want the trade...I live here...I care about here.............and here is getting rougher and rougher for working class people to survive and have a less stressful's been going backwards for us since I got out of high school under Reagan.
The world won't pay our bills....and we can't pay them if we keep giving our jobs and money to the world for products that we once made...or for wars because some rich pig wants to get his claws into the resources of some other nation around the world.