I know that we have the Donald Trump thread going but when it is an article about what he is doing to directly affect workers in a negative way, I think it needs a thread of it's own. Here is another attack on workers!
President Trump has once again proposed a slew of changes to the operations of the U.S. Postal Service and its employees’ benefits, with the White House estimating the plan would save $98 billion over the next decade.

In addition to a renewed push for offering postal employees lower pay and benefits, Trump pushed changes proposed by the task force he created last year. Those include raising prices for mail and packages not deemed “essential,” reducing delivery frequency, outsourcing some mail processing and licensing access to individuals’ mailboxes.

Additional savings would result from governmentwide efforts to require federal employees to contribute more toward their pensions and health insurance benefits. Trump also suggested making specific changes to USPS employee compensation to align it more closely align with the rest of the federal workforce. His task force previously proposed eliminating pay and benefit issues from collective bargaining negotiations, as is the case for all non-postal unions representing federal employees.