It’s not easy for workers looking to come together to organize for power in the workplace. Decades-old labor laws in many cases have been defanged and are now ineffective. Corporate conservatives have taken advantage of that fact to tamp down on efforts to empower hardworking Americans and are profiting even more because of it.

Workers looking to join the Teamsters have experienced this firsthand. At XPO, for example, the company has contracted with several union-busting firms to spread their message of hate for unions at all of their facilities. Meanwhile, the company has fought tooth-and-nail against locations that have voted to join the union by stretching out negotiations on a first contract for as long as four years in some cases.

Recent iterations of Congress have provided no relief for workers. But that may now be changing, thanks to Democrats gaining control of the House this year. The House Education and Labor Workforce Protection Subcommittee hearing held yesterday sought to shine a light on the need for labor law reform.

Subcommittee Chairwoman Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) said history shows working Americans have gained when unions are powerful. “America’s unions are engines of economic mobility,” she said. “For generations they have fueled our nation’s prosperity, protected the health and safety of American workers, and supported a strong middle class.”