WASHINGTON—With strong worker, labor and women’s groups’ support, the Democratic-run U.S. House voted March 27 to strengthen the 56-year-old U.S. pay equity law, giving women and minorities more tools to fight back when businesses discriminate and short their paychecks, compared to men.

Passage along party lines, 242-187, followed the usual screams from corporate lobbies and their GOP puppets, who oppose equal pay for equal work and have for years. Seven Republicans broke ranks and joined all 235 Democrats in voting for pay equity.
“At its core, this bill is about a simple principle: Women and men working in the same job deserve the same pay,” she said. “We have fought for more than two decades to make that principle a reality by strengthening the Equal Pay Act. Equal pay is a matter of right and wrong, and pay discrimination is unacceptable. It is critical for working families, and we are all diminished when we fall short.”
AFL-CIO Legislative Director Bill Samuel, AFSCME Legislative Director Scott Frey, and other unions and women’s groups strongly backed HR7 and its Senate counterpart, S84. Whether the GOP-run Senate will listen this time is another matter. The House passed Paycheck Fairness twice before, a decade ago, but Republicans deep-sixed it once and it fell victim to a business-promoted GOP filibuster the other time.