The key here is to know which one is actually telling the truth when telling you they support unions! Do your research!
As the 2020 primary season heats up, presidential candidates in the massive Democratic field — from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden — are vying for critical support from labor unions.

Don't dismiss this as typical election posturing. Those of us who have watched the labor movement’s ebbs and flows over the past few decades know things have changed. Democrats' actual support for labor unions has fluctuated wildly in recent decades. The failure to focus on economic insecurity and the industrial heartland in 2016 allowed anti-union Republicans to make gains among union voters.

This shift is not arbitrary but tied to a resurgence in union support among all major gender, age, education and geographic groups. Across the country, unions representing truck drivers, nurses, pilots, teachers, retail workers and more have stayed vigilant on the core issues that impact working people. We’ve helped turn income inequality — which is at a level last seen in the years just before the Great Depression — into a mainstream issue. We’ve also fought against policies that are an affront to working people, such as Missouri’s “right to work” law, and won.