This really, really angers me. I feel slightly better that we have Deb Haaland defending this area. But these oil companies are hugely powerful and it is all about money, money, money!!! This is a very sacred, historical place not just to the Native population but to all who live in this state. This is a good read and you should read the whole article.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.- The battle is heating up over New Mexicoís Greater Chaco Region. Itís an area considered the birthplace of the Pueblo people and while the land near the national park is rich in history, itís also rich in resources like oil and gas.

The fight to prevent new drilling in the area is reaching a tipping point.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park offers a window to a world more than a thousand years old. It was once home to the ancient Chacoan people and itís impressive archeological sites pepper the desert floor.

Chaco Park has long been federally protected but the land surrounding the park remains the center of a hotly contested debate. For decades, a battle has been building over oil and gas development throughout the Greater Chaco Region.