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Thread: Best decade

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    Default Re: Best decade

    I wouldn't celebrate that news too much. First, extreme poverty is defined as ""a condition characterized by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information. It depends not only on income but also on access to services." Extreme poverty means living on about $1.90 per day.
    It also means today, 600 MILLION people still live in extreme poverty.

    In addition to this, the United States is not the leader in eradicating it either.
    The Asian countries are best at eradicating poverty. Now and in the future.

    Asia will outperform every other developing region and in early 2019, the world’s largest continent will have an average poverty rate of below 3 percent. That share is projected to fall further to only 1 percent by 2025. Three Asian countries that will not end poverty by 2030 are Afghanistan, North Korea, and Papua New Guinea. South America currently has only a 4 percent aggregate poverty level, but rates are declining slowly. Disaggregated data suggest Venezuela, Suriname, and Bolivia appear off-track for ending poverty by 2030. They are joined by Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and Haiti in Central America and the Caribbean.

    While "extreme poverty" is somewhat rare in the US, poverty is not. Both numbers could be mis-construed due to under reporting, and people ( and families ) that are not now counted, or have fell off government lists such as SNAP programs or welfare programs.

    Seven of the 10 states with the highest poverty rates in the U.S. are in the South. That includes Mississippi (20.8% of population below the poverty line); Louisiana (20%), Kentucky (18.5%), West Virginia (17.9%), Arkansas (17.2%), Alabama (17.1%) and Georgia (16%) lead the way.
    The other three are all in the Southwest and include New Mexico (19.8%), Arizona (16.4%) and Oklahoma (16.3%).
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