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    Default Trump’s USDA Chief Thinks Farm Workers Are Overpaid

    It never ceases to amaze me how Republican's "F" up everything they touch....

    The Trump Administration finds itself in a tight corner on the topic of farm labor, a task handled by a largely foreign-born workforce. On the one hand, the president has made good on campaign promises to make life generally miserable for immigrants; and he employs a white nationalist on his senior advisory staff. On the other, the agriculture industry is experiencing labor shortages that are intensified by the immigration crackdown. Meanwhile, farmers in key electoral-college states, who overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2016, have already been expressing frustration over the administration’s export-killing trade wars.

    US Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue wants to square the circle. Now that the president has signed a preliminary trade agreement with China that could restart that country’s massive imports of US farm goods, Perdue signaled a pivot to labor earlier this week, according to an account of his remarks by Chris Clayton of the agriculture trade journal DTN. In a Q&A at the annual meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation—an agribusiness-aligned insurance and lobbying outfit—the secretary said the administration was working on a “renewed and refreshed ag labor program,” because “if we don’t have people who can help us grow these things and harvest our products,” trade deals won’t matter.
    Use them, abuse them, then toss them away like yesterdays trash....

    Perdue said he has been trying to persuade others in the administration “to separate immigration, which is people wanting to become citizens, with a temporary, legal guest-worker program.

    “That’s what agriculture needs, and that’s what we want,” Perdue said. “It doesn’t offend people who are anti-immigrant because they don’t want more immigrant citizens here. We need people who can help U.S. agriculture meet the production.”

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    Default Re: Trump’s USDA Chief Thinks Farm Workers Are Overpaid

    It never ceases to amaze me how Republican's "F" up everything they touch....
    The Midas Touch? They make money while "F" everyone over.

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    Default Re: Trump’s USDA Chief Thinks Farm Workers Are Overpaid

    Plenty of GOP have relied on illegal immigrants for cheap labor. Florida has conflicts with GOP vs GOP over illegal immigrant labor issues.
    This is America....it is expensive to live here.
    "Cheap" cannot exist here.
    Nor for Democrat donors. Not for GOP donors.
    Not for any consumers....rent is over $1000/month.
    No go on cheap labor.
    The economy needs to adjust to reality.
    No cheap labor...not for citizens ...not for noncitizens.
    Work it out with your banks. They are the slave drivers....we need more free cheap illegal banks maybe?
    Good old "competition.".


    Following the roll-out, Florida Senate President Bill Galvano (R) voiced his opposition to DeSantis’s mandatory E-Verify plan — taking the same position as a series of billionaire donors who months before said that not giving jobs to illegal aliens would “devastate” the Florida economy
    Gaetz, in an op-ed for the Tallahassee Democrat, said Galvano and state Sen. Wilton Simpson (R) must stop choosing “big business — and big donors” over the will of Florida voters and the interests of Florida workers:

    It’s time for Florida to make a change, too. Requiring the statewide use of E-Verify will curb illegal immigration while creating jobs and raising wages for Floridians. Most importantly, it will make the agriculture sector of Florida’s economy less of a magnet for those entering the country illegally. [Emphasis added]

    Florida Senate President Bill Galvano, sniffing with derision at DeSantis’ E-Verify proposal, said, “It is something that the Florida Senate — or at least this administration — does not endorse.” His designated successor, agribusinessman Sen. Wilton Simpson, has been similarly opposed. [Emphasis added]

    Republicans like Galvano and Simpon should not thumb their noses at Florida voters, choosing instead to pander to big business — and big donors. [Emphasis added]
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