Good for them. I agree with everything they are saying!

WASHINGTON – A parade of prominent Democrats have warned delegates to the Auto Workers Legislative/Political Conference of the perils of continuing Republican rule in Washington. Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., they challenged the unionists to undertake an all-out effort from now through November to wrest the White House and the Senate from anti-worker forces, while keeping the Democratic-run House in pro-worker hands.

And it wasn’t just economics that imperils workers, they warned during the conference, in the first week of February. Speaking in the midst of the Senate impeachment trial of GOP President Donald Trump, the Democrats said their foes – and Trump in particular – are a threat to U.S. values and constitutional norms, too.
“Trump is trying to portray himself as a friend of workers. Are you freaking kidding me?” Ryan asked. And Trump’s USMCA lacked strong and enforceable worker protections, he noted, until Brown and House Democrats forced them on Trump. The president’s trade rep had to re-re-negotiate the legislation implementing the trade pact.
“UAW members need to remind everyone of the countless lies President Trump has made to the American people, particularly workers. This is our moment in time. We cannot back down. We have got to win this election. We have got to win the U.S. Senate so we can send Mitch McConnell back to Kentucky,” Ryan said. McConnell seeks re-election this fall.