No offense but I am counting on union members to be a little more intelligent in their voting this time around.

In the lead-up to Feb. 22 Caucus Day in Nevada, early voting will take place Feb. 15–18. Nevada is the third state in the country to hold caucuses or a primary election, and the first Western state, after Iowa and New Hampshire.

Early voting is a new feature for 2020, in 80 polling stations around the state. The early positioning of the state in the primary schedule is the work of the former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid. It first went into effect in 2008 during the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama won that primary, with 14 delegates to Clinton’s 11. In 2016, Clinton won over Bernie Sanders.
Average polling up to Feb. 13 shows Sanders significantly ahead of second-place Biden (23.7% to 18.5%) with Elizabeth Warren trailing behind at 12.1%. Pete Buttigieg, who performed strongly in both Iowa and New Hampshire is coming in fourth right now, with 8.7%. Tom Steyer, who has spent heavily in the state, and billionaire former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg are in a tight race for fifth place, while Amy Klobuchar pulls in 3.9%. But it’s a fast-shifting terrain in the aftermath of voting in the first two states, so the final results may skew quite differently.