Trucking companies are expected to benefit from a new federal rule aimed at more clearly defining what constitutes joint-employer relationships.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will issue the rule Wednesday, and it is expected to go into effect April 27, barring a court challenge.

The final rule restores a standard for determining joint-employer status that had been applied for several decades before 2015, the NLRB stated in a news release, but with “greater precision, clarity, and detail.”
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which pointed out that the 2015 NLRB decision known as Browning-Ferris, which the new rulemaking overrides, was a case involving the Teamsters.

“We are deeply disappointed in this decision, which will have a negative and tangible impact on hard working Americans,” the union said in a statement to FreightWaves. “The [Browning-Ferris] ruling … protects millions of workers from manipulations by companies calculated to impair employee rights by playing shell games over what entity in fact controls their working conditions. Rolling it back will cause great harm.”