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    Default Medicare for All

    Medicare for all or socialized medicine or single payer.. Call it what you want.. This post is about medicare that many think is the answer to everything.. A good friend of ours had been checking on her father who was 95 years old and still living home with his second wife who is 88.. After a small time in the hospital our friend was told that her father had to be put in a nursing home because he was unable to walk.. he didn't want to go .. Being on medicare his hospital time was up and they forced him into some medicare paid nursing home.. She stayed with him for five days and nights,she tried to get some sleep in a chair,and finally told her father she had to go home to get cleaned up and needed fresh clothes.. She lived about an hour and a half away.. She went home and fell asleep.. She went back to the nursing home and found her father dead.. From the time she left no one at the nursing home checked on him..eleven hours she was gone. She was very close to him and is devastated .. My brother was in a similar situation in Florida after having a stroke.. My niece went down to Florida and brought him back to New York.. He lived for another 6 years.. The nursing home in Florida told her he only had a few weeks..
    This is the system that the left wants to give everyone. Well if you want to sell this :(:(:(:( they might want to fix it first..
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