Good news for unions!

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that he believes in the labor movement, telling union construction workers he won't sign legislation in New York that's not fair to organized labor.

Addressing a North America's Building Trades Unions conference in Washington, Cuomo said unions built the middle class in America and protect it, and that there's a growing anti-union movement in the country. He said the state has plans for road and construction projects beyond the new Tappan Zee Bridge getting built over the lower Hudson River.

"Every project we build is going to be built with organized labor, period," Cuomo said.
This is unfortunate!
Cuomo and North America's Building Trades Unions have both endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. She was scheduled to address the conference later Tuesday.
Cuomo vows to support organized labor in NY - Times Union