We sure do!

Retirement security is a real concern for Americans. At a time when many U.S. workers are struggling to make ends meet and are dependent on Wall Street returns for their nest egg, it is easy to understand why.
The war on retirement isnít just about contributing to oneís 401(k) of course. Hundreds of thousands of Teamster retirees and workers participating in the Central States Pension Fund fought for months to stop pension cuts as high as 70 percent. While the Treasury Department sided with them on Friday, the fight is far from over.

Financial institutions have done a number on pensions. The same Wall Street banks that rake in hundreds of millions of dollars managing pension funds lobbied to reduce pension benefits for the people whose sweat created those funds. Congress did the bankersí bidding and reduced benefits, but the banks get to keep making millions on the backs of the very pensioners whose benefits were cut. That is unfair, unjust and plain un-American.