Would we expect anything different? Of course not!

President Obama is raising the overtime eligibility threshold, ensuring that, for millions more workers, working extra hours will mean getting extra pay. Naturally, congressional Republicans and industry lobby groups are outraged. Not very logical, but outraged nonetheless:

"What our members have told us, what many other employers have told us, is there's not a golden pot of money out there sitting in employers' pockets where they can all of a sudden pay a lot more overtime pay," said David French, vice president of the National Retail Federation. "Instead, they're going to make the rational change and they're going to change jobs."

Oh, they’re going to change jobs? It’s like Labor Secretary Tom Perez said: “Some will see more money in their pockets … Some will get more time with their family … and everybody will receive clarity on where they stand, so that they can stand up for their rights.” In other words, if your boss has you working 70 hours a week with no overtime pay, going forward, either you’ll get more pay or you’ll have the same pay and more time away from work. It’s a win-win. And if the boss really needs those extra hours of work done, maybe he’ll hire another worker to do them rather than paying you time and a half. This does not diminish the win. It just spreads it around a little.
Republicans outraged millions of workers will get added pay under new Obama overtime rule