All I can say is AMEN to that!!!

More collective bargaining agreements are the key to building a stronger middle class, according to Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

Speaking to The Huffington Post on Friday, Perez said he is optimistic about the continued positive trend in job growth after a massive 287,000 jobs were created in June. But he still thinks thereís lots of slack in the labor market that is holding back wage growth.

One of way to boost that wage growth is to unionize, he said.
At this stage in the economic recovery, the problem isnít necessarily that unemployment is too high ó itís been below 5 percent for months ó but that workers who do still have jobs arenít seeing more in their paychecks. According to the latest jobs report, released Friday, average hourly wages grew just 2.6 percent over the last year.
Stronger Unions Will Save The Middle Class, Labor Secretary Says