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Kinda like their stance that one group wants them to die because they don't want to give free stuff.
If ya want money...you go to work.
If you want your vote counted ...go to the polls and vote.
But nope....special deals are always required.
Don't go to work and you get free stuff.
Don't go to the polls when you have nothing stopping you.....you still get a vote.......or with the corrupt Dems....maybe you get your vote you also get truckloads more of dead people voting and everything else.

Why is special treatment always required by the Democrats?
Why do we have a choice here in the land of Zion? No special treatment. We make sure every registered voter has the opportunity to vote. As it should be. Why make it harder for folks to vote in certain areas? It's by design Slave. Voter suppression and fascism have no place in America.

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