(LAS VEGAS) – The Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Board has unanimously voted to appoint Teamsters Local 631 Secretary-Treasurer Tommy Blitsch to the position of Vice President At-Large.

The vote was taken during the Nevada State AFL-CIO’s 61st Constitutional Convention last week.

Blitsch is a 25-year Teamster and was elected Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 631 in 2011 and again in 2014. He began his career working at UPS as a pre-loader in 1992.

Blitsch has held the positions of Vice President and President of Teamsters Local 631. He is also currently appointed to the Governor of Nevada’s Workforce Development Board (GNWB) Industry Sector Council.

“I am very proud to serve on the Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Board as one of the vice presidents,” Blitsch said. “To receive a unanimous vote from the Southern Nevada Central Labor Council and the Nevada State AFL-CIO Executive Board is a reflection of the membership of Teamsters Local 631. Our membership continues to move forward in the labor movement here in Southern Nevada like never before. I am proud to serve them."