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    Default Teamsters Honor Legacy, Celebrate Contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Now there is a good picture! (you have to open the link of course).

    Fifty years ago this year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for striking sanitation workers in Memphis before an assassin struck him down.

    “The Memphis sanitation workers’ strike is remembered as an example of powerless African-Americans standing up for themselves. It is also remembered as the prelude to the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.” according to a recent Smithsonian magazine story.

    Teamsters across the country will honor the legacy of civil rights and labor leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 15, 2018.

    King devoted his life to securing rights for minorities and eliminating segregation in society. He believed that the path to economic freedom and social justice were one and the same and strongly supported the labor movement.

    The Teamsters Union was an early supporter of King, donating money to his cause and sending supplies to marchers and other civil rights workers. Today, Teamsters across the country are committed to the union’s tradition of standing up for social justice. Through organizations like the Teamsters Human Rights Commission, Teamsters are able to carry on the legacy of King.

    King actively supported the labor movement, frequently speaking to union audiences.

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    Default Re: Teamsters Honor Legacy, Celebrate Contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Remembering King’s Roots in Labor and Socialist Movements of the 20th Century

    As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, it’s worth remembering that his legacy was based firmly in the labor and the socialist movements of the 20th century. It takes nothing away from King to highlight how his work built on those movements and his voice was magnified by his association with them.

    Martin Luther King Jr. was recruited in Montgomery by a labor organizer, gave his most famous speech at a DC rally funded by labor unions, was bailed out of a Birmingham jail with union dues and would die in Memphis fighting for a union.

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    Default Re: Teamsters Honor Legacy, Celebrate Contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Most Americans think of Martin Luther King as only a leader for racial equality and civil rights...But in the final years of his wrongfully shortened life,a criminal tragedy and bitter loss for us all,MLK realized that the US political and economic system required complete and fundamental changes if social,political,and economic justice and humanity were to be achieved...MLK was beginning to challenge not just racism and inequality,but also the Vietnam War,the Military Industrial Complex,Capitalism,and Imperialism...These are still our problems today,and in many ways we are even worse off today...And when Dr.King made that link and began to speak out not only about civil rights,but also about War and Capitalism,did he become an intolerable threat to Corporate America.

    ''The greatest purveyor of violence in the world...My Own Government...I cannot be Silent''
    Martin Luther King

    Dr.King's social concerns transcended racial and dogmatic issues...He was in Atlanta supporting the garbage worker strike when he was shot...'Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam' is not only a very moving speech,but also remarkably informative(his famous 3 ISMS speech)...And the speech that ''SEALED HIS DOOM''...He hated War not only because of the Death,Destruction and Uselessness of it,but because the money spent on it took away from the Social Fabric of the American Society...MLK showed us just a tiny aspect of our potential...The 'PEOPLE' realizing their Potential?...A definite NO-NO in a Corporate Fascist State...Like Jack and Bobby...He SIMPLY had to Go...All of the People in this Country who OPPOSE Labor Unions should really listen to what he had to say about Workers...Workers Rights...And the Inequality of the Capitalism System...Powerful...And most of all...He didn't care if you were BLACK...WHITE...BROWN...GREEN...PURPLE...or BLUE!!!

    ''Darkness cannot drive out Darkness...Only Light can do that...Hate cannot drive out Hate...Only Love can do that''
    Martin Luther King


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