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    Default Ibt intends to use electronic voting on abf and ups contracts

    Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) has learned that the IBT has retained a balloting firm to use electronic voting for the ABF, UPS, and UPS Freight contracts.

    TDU is presently investigating the privacy, security and legal issues involved in this plan, which is well under-way toward implementation. The ABF contract voting could begin in just 3-4 weeks.

    The IBT claims it will lead to higher participation. Perhaps. But a clear majority of members voted in the mail ballot on each of the last contracts for ABF, UPS Freight, and UPS. And it was secure, with independent observers at the count.

    TDU sued in federal court and in 2003 won the right to have members observe the vote count in national contracts, which were always done by paper ballot. Since then, TDU and concerned locals have designated rank and file observers to the vote counts, and watched the count for each local union.
    IBT Intends to Use Electronic Voting on ABF and UPS Contracts - Teamsters for a Democratic Union

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    Default Re: Ibt intends to use electronic voting on abf and ups contracts

    It has its good and bad, Electronic voting can just be rigged too, let’s remember the W. Bush election was rigged

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