I have said it repeatedly. Too many people are working low wage jobs, two many people have to work two jobs now to make ends meet. Too many people cannot find a job that will support their families and even a single person cannot make enough money to pay the rent. Not enough union jobs not only means lower wages but also less benefits.

Don’t be fooled by the low unemployment rate and Wall Street gains – hardworking Americans are still struggling to support themselves and their families.

A new report by the Urban Institute shows the depths that U.S. workers find themselves. Not only are nearly 40 percent of Americans not able to cover at least one of life’s basic necessities – housing, utilities, food or health care – but a third of households with at least one working adult can’t pay all their bills either.

“The social safety net faces a period of transition as policymakers seek significant changes to an array of programs that help low-income families pay for food, health care, housing and other basic needs,” the document states. “These changes are being considered in an economic environment that exposes many families to financial insecurity even as the economy approaches full employment in 2018.”

Of the nearly four in 10 adults who had trouble making ends meet last year, more than 60 percent of them endure multiple hardships. Food insecurity was the top concern, followed by problems paying medical bills. Following closely behind were adults who didn’t get medical care because of the cost.

This is not what should be happening in the wealthiest nation on the planet. But unfortunately, the economic gains that are being realized are lining the pockets of big business instead of flowing to the workers who help build those companies and make them successful.