One member, working closely with the TDU Staff, has shown how Teamsters can enforce their rights, beat retaliation, and stand up for a stronger union.

TDU protects the rights of members to speak out, distribute leaflets to fellow Teamsters, and stand together for change.

Recently, Florida Teamster Carl Gregory hit UPS with an unfair labor practice charge that is backed by the NLRB. He defeated bogus internal union charges by the Local 991 leadership against him, and he successfully preserved his right to distribute his card with a picture of him in browns and with the UPS logo.

It’s a trifecta of legal victories, all with TDU backing and diligence on the part of Carl and his supporters on the Florida-Alabama Gulf Coast.

“I would not have survived very long without the support of TDU and the TDU staff,” Carl posted. “The key for TDU is faith in the members; TDU helps ordinary Teamsters do extraordinary things.”

Your Right to Pass Out Leaflets

Teamsters have a right to distribute union and TDU literature at any of their employer’s worksites.

Local 991 covers a wide swath of the Gulf Coast, including Mobile Ala, Pensacola, Panama City, and Tallahassee in Florida.

Management photographed brother Gregory while distributing “Vote No” and TDU materials at UPS buildings in Tallahassee and Fort Walton Beach, and tried to intimidate him. They failed. Gregory persisted and, with TDU’s help, filed NLRB charges which are now headed for trial, NLRB vs UPS.

The NLRB has hit UPS for trying to “prohibit off-duty employees from distributing literature about the union during nonworking hours” and that management “engaged in surveillance of employees’ union activities.”
How TDU Wins Legal Rights for Teamsters - Teamsters for a Democratic Union