Ahead of the XPO Logistics annual shareholder meeting Thursday, current and former XPO workers from France; Spain; San Diego; and Kansas City, Mo raised their concerns about widespread worker abuses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and pressed for a series of urgent corporate governance reforms.

While XPO remains open and highly functioning amidst the pandemic, continuing to play a critical role in the global supply chain as one of the world’s largest logistics providers -- and the second largest in both the U.S. and Europe -- workers claim the company has failed to implement enhanced safety measures on the job. According to firsthand worker accounts, there have been coronavirus-related deaths among XPO workers, increasing health and safety concerns and a lack of consistency of implementation and effectiveness in the company’s COVID-19 response.

In an effort to bring XPO’s mismanagement and lack of worker protections to light, XPO workers today addressed shareholders directly on a webinar hosted by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for company investors. Workers on the webinar called on shareholders to engage the board of directors on implementing transparent and consistent workplace safety practices that protect workers; protections for workers who speak out on safety and health concerns; hazard pay and benefits to all workers in the XPO system including those they misclassify as non-employees; and concrete efforts to apply shared sacrifice in executive pay practices.