There were several places I could have posted this but this is another transportation union other than Teamsters fighting for protections from this virus. I will let it stand alone. These essential workers deserve protection just as any other essential workers do! Our POTUS is not doing nearly enough to protect Americans.

WASHINGTONóFed up with Trump regime inaction to protect frontline transportation workers, their unions formally petitioned Trump Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao to order the nationís airlines and subway, bus and commuter rail companies, to force passengers to wear anti-coronavirus protective masks all the time.

The penalty if the patrons donít: They get booted off the subway, bus, commuter rail car or plane, immediately.

The petition was triggered by the threat that unmasked infected people, knowingly or unknowingly, could infect frontline workers by boarding vehicles and coughing, or sneezing or, as one study in the New England Journal Of Medicine shows, even speaking two words.

Thatís enough to spray droplets on the bus driver, commuter rail conductor or airline crew, and infect them with the virus, too.

The unions of the AFL-CIOís Transportation Trades Department explained to Chao that voluntary and unenforceable bans of maskless passengers donít work. And they want DOT to declare an emergency and impose the pro-mask rule immediately.