I would think with what workers are dealing with right now would make it an excellent time to start organizing!

Workers are facing unprecedented challenges in the age of the coronavirus. Many have lost their jobs, been temporarily laid off with no idea when they are going to return or been forced to work despite the ongoing health crisis. It has been a stressful time for millions in Michigan and across the country.

But instead of letting anxiety over an uncertain future get the best of them, many workers are choosing to get organized. Hardworking Americans, even those toiling in sectors that have traditionally not been union-friendly, are recognizing the value that comes from membership. As many struggle to get proper personal protective equipment and sanitized workspaces, they understand that coming together with co-workers can have benefits.

Even before COVID-19 took hold across the nation, union popularity was on the rise. A 2019 poll by Gallup found 64 percent of Americans approved of unions, the highest level since 2003. Why, you may ask? Because in an age of growing income inequality, more and more people understand that when workers organize, they get better pay, benefits and working conditions.