These drivers who work for a contractor, MV Transportation, have went on strike.

Lowell mayor, citing the vulnerable, weighs in on Road Runner strike
Lowell Mayor John Leahy called for both sides of the ongoing strike of drivers for the LRTA’s Road Runner paratransit service to come together for the sake of the population they serve Friday, and said the disruption caused by the strike shows how valuable the drivers are.
Meanwhile, Jeff Womack, chief marketing officer for MV Transportation, the LRTA contractor who the drivers work for and are negotiating with, said the company is working with local councils on aging and ride sharing services to get passengers where they need to go.
He said workers want the company to cover 80% of their health insurance costs instead of the current 70% that is covered by the company. Womack said the company already covers 75% of costs for some grandfathered employees.
But Bergen said the bottom line is that the drivers can’t afford the health insurance they were offered in the company’s last proposal.
“A starting, full-time employee, with a family, would spend 29% of their annual gross earnings on healthcare. That’s a huge amount. That’s before taxes are taken out,” Bergen said.