With winter here in some areas and rapidly approaching in the rest of the country, it's time to remind everyone to take it easy this year. Old man winter doesn't care about you, so slow down and get home in one piece.

Now ... anybody been on these roads ?
Five of the most dangerous roads in the US.
I traveled one, I-95, frequently for New Penn.
The other, I-10 from Phoenix to Cali I did a few times back in the 80's.

Americaís most dangerous roads for truckers
Truck driving is one of the riskiest jobs in the U.S., but the majority of professional drivers get through their careers without being involved in major accidents. The more skilled and safety conscious drivers are, the less likely they are to cause wrecks. But some things, like road designs, are out of a driverís control. Based on driver experiences, U.S. Department of Transportation data and harsh weather, these are the top five U.S. roads that truckers should avoid whenever possible.
U.S. Highway 2 in Montana

U.S. Highway 550 in Colorado (The Million Dollar Highway)

Interstate 95 in Connecticut

Interstate 10 in Arizona

Dalton Highway in Alaska