December 1, 2020 Updated: December 2, 2020
The Republican plaintiffs who are challenging legislation that allowed mail-in ballots from all comers in Pennsylvania, today filed a request to the Supreme Court to block the state from certifying the election.

The state Supreme Court had dismissed the case on Nov. 28, overturning a temporary block on election certification issued by a lower court.

Challenging that ruling, the emergency application for injunction, dated Dec. 1, asks the Supreme Court to prohibit the Pennsylvania governor and secretary of state from “taking official action to tabulate, compute, canvass, certify, or otherwise finalize the results of the election.”

“To the extent that the above-prohibited actions have already taken place, petitioners seek an injunction to restore the status quo ante, compelling respondents to nullify any such actions already taken, until further order of this court,” says the petition.

The emergency application essentially asks the court to put a temporary hold on certifying the state election pending the filing of a full writ of certiorari—asking the court to review the lower court decisions.