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James falls to new depths as Heat lose - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
DALLAS – Through the door goes LeBron James(notes), and it never fails: They all fall into line behind him. There’s the agent, the shoe reps, the publicists, the hangers-on surrounding him on his walk out of the interview room, through the corridor and into the garage. He wore his flinty black eyeglass frames, a narrow necktie and the stain of the most putrid postgame of his life.

For now, the coronation of King James has stalled, replaced with the resurfacing referendum on his resolve, his resiliency, an acid test on his championship chase. These Finals are 2-2 because James hasn’t done his job. They’re 2-2, because Dwyane Wade(notes) has had to carry James, and Dirk Nowitzki(notes) has been the most resourceful closer for the Dallas Mavericks.