The Final Consent Order, which requires our International union to maintain one-member-one-vote elections, with an Election Supervisor and fair rules, is not going to end. In fact, it has no end date at all: it is permanent.

But, a change of terms is coming this month.

February 17, 2020 marks five years since Judge Loretta Preska signed the Final Consent Order, which had a five-year transition period. Going forward, the order remains in full force and effect, but with a few significant changes.


It was the original Consent Order of March 1989, where we won vital changes to our union. This document provided, for the first time, one-member-one-vote elections for IBT officers, impartially supervised.

TDU fought against any government trusteeship or control over our union, and for the Right to Vote for members to take control. We won that in 1989. Then in 2014-2015, we again fought to preserve those rights in the Final Consent Order, which replaced the original order in February 2015.
Is the Teamster Consent Order Ending? - Teamsters for a Democratic Union