FAA, NASA Seek Pilot Input on Weather and Information Services

In cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) is conducting a study on Aviation Weather in the Cockpit and Aeronautical Information Services via Data Link. ASRS is gathering incidents that occurred while pilots were utilizing weather or AIS information in the cockpit textual and/or graphical, obtained via data link or other sources, on the ground or in the air. The effort began in March 2011 and will continue through February 2012.

Pilots who have an incident involving weather data use – either a negative or positive experience are requested to participate and file a report directly with ASRS at http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/report/electronic.html, or file through their airlines ASAP program if they share their information with ASRS.

In order to provide the level of detail needed to fully understand these hazards and the factors involved; ASRS will contact pilots who report incidents where weather data was a factor and request their voluntary participation in completing a web-based supplemental question set. All identifying information will be removed prior to any ASRS research data being provided to the FAA. ASRS strongly encourages pilots who encounter issues with weather in the cockpit to participate in the ASRS Meteorological and Aeronautical Information Services Data Link and Applications study.

Airline Division Representatives to attend UAL Quarterly Meeting

Division Director David Bourne and Division Attorney Ed Gleason will be joining International Division representatives Clacy Grizwold and Bob Fischerin SFO this week for the UAL members’ quarterly meeting.

Week In Review Industry News

United Continental Holdings will offer 100 to 201 positions to pilots now on furlough

from its United subsidiary to fly aircraft for its Continental subsidiary…the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has pushed backagainst proposed FAA rules for better pilot rest…Boeing has opened a new paint facility to handle the increased production of the 737NG…Hoping to keep one of their biggest customers happy, Boeing commercial airplanes chief Jim Albaugh he had a “good meeting” with American Airlines this week as the manufacturer tries to stop one of its biggest customers from placing an order with rival Airbus SAS…after the global supply chain disruptions caused by the Japanese earthquake, Boeing is reviewing how and how much of its aircraft production process is outsourced.