Sun Capital Partners Must Clean Up its Act

Press Contact Ed Rendon


(Covina, Calif.)—Members of Teamsters Local 495 plan to handbill at El Torito restaurants around California this weekend, demanding that the company and its owners clean up their act.

El Torito restaurants in California have racked up hundreds of health inspection violations in the last 18 months. These violations include reports of live roaches crawling on walls, flies, rodent droppings, mold, grime and slime.

El Torito restaurants were also cited for bad hygienic practices, including food exposed to contamination, ice cream scoops stored in dirty water, tortilla chip containers sitting on top of a trash can, soiled wiping cloths, inadequate employee hygiene and restrooms in disrepair.

Mismanagement of health and safety is not a new issue at companies owned by Sun Capital Partners, like El Torito’s Real Mex. At Sun Capital-owned Emerald Performance Materials in Henry, Ill. chemical workers represented by Teamsters Local 627 have been locked out of work for five months, during which time there have been six accidental toxic emissions.

“Teamster families face a tough economy brought on by despicable corporate behavior that is taking place where we shop and where we work,” said Bob Lennox, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 495, located in Covina, Calif. “After so many Teamsters across America engaged in acts of solidarity to support us as we fought to save good jobs at BMW’s parts distribution facility, the least we can do is stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters as they fight for their jobs in Illinois.”

“Sun Capital’s record is egregious.” said Keith Gleason, President of Teamsters Local 627. “It is time that Real Mex’s owner Sun Capital Partners put health and safety first across all of its operations.”