NMB Agrees with IBT, Denies UAL Request for Immediate Amalgamation Talks

The Airline Division was notified this week that the NMB has agreed with the merits in the filing by the Teamsters against proceeding with United's request to immediately moving into amalgamated talks between the United, Continental, and Continental Micronesia mechanic and related work groups.

The NMB originally made the decision at the end of June; however due to a clerical error at the NMB, the Airline Division didn't receive a copy of it until this week. Several requests had made by the Division over the summer for the NMB to issue a ruling and the NMB believed the requests had been answered.

While investigating why the Division hadn't received notice from the NMB in a timely manner it was determined that the NMB sent the notice to the wrong address. In a letter dated September 1, 2011, NMB Director Gibbons issued an apology to the Division for the error.

Copies of the letter and rulings may be found at: http://teamsterair.org/nmb-agrees-ib...gamation-talks

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