The 115 Teamsters Local 463 members who work at Balford Farms in Burlington, N.J., have voted overwhelmingly to ratify a new three-year contract.

“We’re very pleased with this contract. We had no givebacks on anything.” said Robert Ryder, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 463 in Fort Washington, Pa.

The agreement covers members who deliver dairy products, including milk, butter and cheese to restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and retail establishments throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The company also has exclusive delivery rights to Starbucks stores.

“This is a great agreement, with wage increases and maintenance of the superior Teamster benefit package,” said John Fogarty, President of Local 463.

“Thank goodness we are Teamsters because we were able to maintain our benefits and keep pace with the economy,” said George Call, a shop steward and delivery driver for Balford Farms, a supplier for Dean Foods.

Call has worked as a delivery driver for Balford Farms for 24 years. He works hard, starting his shift at 2 a.m. and finishing up around noon.

“We’re really pleased with what we got, especially in tough times,” Call said. “It was important we keep our health care and retirement because that’s the first thing that employers go after these days.”

Balford Farms is the region’s oldest privately-owned and operated independent dairy distributor, in operation since 1892.