Company Demands Members Join Inferior Coca-Cola Health Plan

Members of Local 1035 continue to stand strong against Coca-Cola in East Hartford, Conn., where they have been on strike since May 16. The unit of 350 employees went on strike after negotiating with the company for nearly six months without resolution to a new contract.

Coca-Cola is trying to force the drivers, mechanics, delivery workers and plant workers to give up their Teamster health plan and join an inferior company plan. The members offered to continue to sacrifice the $2.65 that they gave up in the last round of negotiations in order to keep their current Teamster health care plan. However, the company wants to remove the unit from their plan and put the group into the company health plan and increase out-of-pocket costs for the members.

The company is also considering switching to a new distribution system which could mean the elimination of some of their jobs. All of the workers are concerned about the possibility of losing their jobs.