Airline Division Director Congratulates Allegiant Pilots on Decision to Seek Union

Teamsters Airline Division Director Captain David Bourne congratulated the pilots of Allegiant Air for their decision to seek union representation. In a letter this week to the pilots, Bourne said:

“You have an important task at hand, making a determination on the course of your future. Your decision will determine whether or not you have a career with Allegiant where you enjoy the benefits of defined career expectations and work rules, or merely a job where expectations and rules are an ever changing target that you have no control over.”

Commenting further in the letter in response to a statement from management about the election process, Bourne went on to say:

“I am pleased to see that he shares our commitment to facts and joins us in our proposition that you are entitled to honest and factual information upon which you will make the decision to cast your vote. It is my belief that armed with facts and not mistruths or “propaganda” from outside groups, that you will cast your vote in favor of membership in the Airline Division of the Teamsters.”

While a response from the NMB with information on voting dates has not yet been received, the Division anticipates they will hear from the Board as soon as they have had the opportunity to review the request that was filed.

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U.S. lawmakers must move beyond a "shortsighted" perspective that threaten to undermine the Pentagon's ability to invest in renewable fuels, said Heather Zichal, President Barack Obama's deputy assistant for energy and climate change. "The Defense Department isn't making these investments in renewable energy and renewable fuels because it sounds good," but because "it makes sense from an operational and national-security perspective," Zichal said…a Senate committee will hold hearings on competition issues for U.S. airlines.

Airline and Labor

JetBlue Airways and regional carrier Cape Air agreed to a joint venture in 2008 for pilot training. "We needed to come up with more pilots of better quality," said Dave Bushy, Cape Air's president and chief operating officer. Pilots get an interview with JetBlue after completing flight training and flying for Cape Air for several years. By 2030, Boeing estimates the demand for pilots will nearly double.

USAirways revealed Thursday that it is a creditor of AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines. AMR filed for bankruptcy in November, and US Airways has proposed a merger between the two carriers.

American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp., announced Tuesday that it would begin assessing potential mergers with other airlines and would soon reach out to interested parties.

A forecast by Boeing that says global airlines will need to hire around 465,000 new pilots between 2013 and 2020 worries some industry experts. "I'm concerned because it has safety implications," said John Allen, the Federal Aviation Administration's director of flight standards service.

Pat Shanahan, senior vice president of Airplane Programs for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, reports that delivery of the seventh Dreamliner 787 will begin later this month. Delivery has so far been delayed by a backlog of 787s needing reworking, but Shanahan says the company expects this backlog to dissipate and nearly disappear by next year. A cleared backlog may also open up capacity for the production of the new, anticipated 777X.

The National Mediation Board has told the pilots and management at United to stop talking about discussions in public.

Southwest Airlines has finalized an agreement to lease or sublease 88 Boeing 717s to Delta Air Lines. Southwest acquired the 717s through its purchase of AirTran Airways, but Southwest exclusively flies 737s. Delta will use the 717s to replace 50-seat regional jets, which are more expensive to fly.