This past month, 40 drivers with United Cab Company joined Teamsters Local 71 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“The company has 40 people and is growing,” said Local 71 Organizer Randy Conrad. The United Cab drivers are owner-operators.

Two years ago, Local 71 organized drivers at the Charlotte airport who work for several other companies.

Recently, Local 71 President Ted Russell, Conrad and YRC Freight Shop Steward/volunteer organizing committee member Keith Pope attended the Charlotte City Council Meeting where Russell asked the Council to allow taxi drivers to operate cars that are up to eight years old. The old standard was six years old.

“This was huge economic relief to the taxi owner-operators,” Russell said. “I want to thank the Charlotte City Council for considering and taking this item back to the table for further discussions and making this change in the city ordnance.”

The change to the ordinance was the number one issue for the newly organized United Cab drivers. The drivers are also seeking a stronger voice in dealing with issues that matter to them.

Currently, plans are being made to offer the taxi drivers the special Teamsters Aflac Insurance, which covers costs not covered by major medical insurance.