City Workers’ Union Urges City Council To Take Control of the Process

Press Contact Peter Finn


(SAN BRUNO, Calif.) — Teamsters Local 856 today said it applauds a neutral arbitration panel’s recommendation that the City of Concord end 13-day furloughs and lift a wage freeze.
The 2-to-1 decision was issued Monday by the chair of the panel, Arbitrator Carol Vendrillo. Also serving on the panel were Teamsters Local 856 Vice President Peter Finn and Kay Winer, the interim assistant city attorney. Winer dissented from the report.
Finn said the report affirms what the Teamsters have been saying for six months. “The City is in good financial health. It should restore city services and end concessions,” Finn said. “We hope the Concord City Council now takes control of the process. With their direct involvement, we’re confident we can get a settlement.”
Finn called on the city’s management to face reality. “The ruling is a guide to what is fair and responsible,” he said. “It sets a baseline from which we can now bargain.”
The ruling follows months of contract talks in which the Teamsters fought city negotiators to restore concessions made by city workers since 2009. When negotiations reached impasse last year, the two sides agreed to take their cases to a neutral panelist provided under state law.
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