Yesterday, it was announced that the TWU has negotiated a Merger Transition Agreement that promises a 4.3 percent raise for all ground workers if AA merges with US Air.
It’s important that we all understand that any negotiated improvements made by TWU will remain in effect when we become Teamsters at AA. We will retain the 4.3 percent raise in a merger in addition to fighting for further improvements as Teamsters.
The memo of understanding between the TWU, AA and US Air is being interpreted as another sign that the two airlines are close to announcing a merger. While this is welcome news for AA mechanics and related, it should not deter us from our drive to become Teamsters. If anything, it raises the stakes for us to change our representation so that the wage increase can be enforced by Teamster power. Further, the Teamsters will serve a Section 6 reopener after we win the election and become Teamsters so we can build upon any benefits already negotiated by the former union.
Teamster representation will give us a powerful voice during a merger. So let’s redouble our efforts in this final stretch – sign a Teamster card and get your coworkers to sign one as well.
Talk to a Teamster organizer if you have any questions. We are reaching majority support for the Teamsters at stations across the country and soon we’ll move to an election.
With the TEAMSTERS We Can WIN!
For more information, visit or call the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign hotline at 877-589-4951.