Pledges to Lead Fight Opposing Michiganís New Right-to-Work (for less) Law

Press Contact Galen Munroe


(DETROIT) — Determined to chart a new course for Michigan Teamsters during the challenging months and years ahead, Teamsters Local 1038 President Greg Nowak was sworn in today as the new President of Michigan Teamsters Joint Council 43 by Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. Nowak assumes the responsibilities of his new position effective Feb. 1, 2013.
After taking his oath of office, Nowak said he looked forward to the challenges and opportunities of this new position, and is determined to work with all Teamster Local Unions across Michigan to move forward with a positive agenda for growth and strength.
“I welcome this opportunity to serve as the voice for Michigan Teamsters as we work to enhance our strength in the workplace, the bargaining table and the political arena,” said Nowak, a 30-year Teamster who was a beer truck driver before becoming a union officer. “We all know these are challenging times, especially with the newly-enacted right-to-work (for less) law here in Michigan.
“We will not to let this anti-worker law prevent us from moving forward, because no legislation will ever stop Teamsters from doing what we do best: standing up and fighting for the jobs, benefits and quality of life for working men and women.”
As President, Nowak will complete the unexpired term of Dave Robinson, who announced his intention to retire several weeks ago. Nowak’s elevation to President resulted in the following changes on the Joint Council 43 Executive Board.
The current officers are:
Greg Nowak, President (Local 1038)
Jim Cianciolo, Secretary-Treasurer (Local 243)
Ron Holzgen, Vice President (Local 406)
Mark Parker, Recording Secretary (Local 580)
Paul Kozicki, Trustee (Local 247)
Kevin Moore, Trustee (Local 299)
Steve Nobles, Trustee (GCC)
In addition, Nina Bugbee, President Teamsters Local 332 in Flint, Mich., was named to the position Health Care Advisor, bringing valuable input and expertise to the Joint Council 43 Executive Board as they address the many pressing issues facing Michigan Teamsters.
“We all know that Michigan is hurting from the continued recession,” Nowak said. “This is why it is crucial that we adopt new initiatives to better serve Teamsters across the state. We will continue to make changes as we remain committed to our number one objective: improving the jobs and living standards of Michigan Teamsters.”
To move forward, Nowak said the Joint Council 43 Executive Board will remain committed to core principles that have guided them over the past two years. These include:
Political Action - Speaking with one unified voice on issues and candidates. Supporting candidates, regardless of political party, who will support Teamsters and working families.
Organizing - Increasing the Joint Council’s commitment to organizing. Bringing in new members into the union is an absolute priority.
Teamwork - Renewing the relationship with the IBT. Their help is needed for Joint Council #43 to grow and succeed in the future.
Local Union Assistance - Helping Local Unions in negotiations, contract enforcement, and maintaining industry standards.
Accountability - Enforcing accountability for Joint Council staffing and expenditures.